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Through tombola Bingo, members can take advantage of the numerous games that are hosted throughout the day, whilst interacting with fellow members of the tombola community through the chat facilities that are enabled. The website gives people the chance to sign up to become a member with minimal effort, whilst offering a number of benefits as a result.\r\n

100% Cash Match for Newbies

\r\nWhen you have registered as a member with tombola Bingo you must make an initial deposit before you can start playing. By doing this, you can enjoy the immediate benefits of being a tombola player, as they will match your first deposit up to £10, and from as little as £5, giving you twice the amount of money to play with.\r\n

Free Vouchers

\r\nVouchers for tombola will regularly appear in some of your favourite magazines across the United Kingdom. These vouchers can be redeemed as soon as you become a member of the tombola Bingo community. Once you have typed in the unique code that you are given through the voucher, your account will be credited with the amount specified. Therefore, if you have a voucher and have not previously registered with the website, this gives you the opportunity to potentially play and win for free.\r\n

Free Daily Play Game

\r\nTombola has a highly impressive number of games for its members to enjoy, ensuring originality throughout the site. Perhaps the most notable of these games are the plentiful daily free play games that are also hosted by the website, such as the Lucky Pick board, or The Heist game or Go Fish – during December there is a month long event in the everybody wins Advent Calendar game. Despite not having to pay a fee or buy a ticket to play these games, there are substantial cash prizes to be won from Monday right through to Sunday. Through revealing the prizes that are on the board, players have the chance to win up to £500.\r\n

Bargain Bingo – Bingo Lite

\r\nThe Bingo Lite option on tombola gives members the prospect of playing regular bingo games for longer, but also for less. The tickets for Bingo Lite are available for as little as 2p, or 10p a strip, and can win players a jackpot of up to £100. The game also runs in numerous chat rooms, allowing its players to communicate with each other and further increase their enjoyment.\r\n

New Games

\r\nThe already vast selection of games that can be played at tombola is updated on a frequent basis. Most recently, there has been the introduction of Bingo 60 and a fun game called Pirates. Some of the games are fast and furious like Pulse. Each has their own jackpot and often more than one chance to scoop a prize in the game.\r\n\r\nThese new games are being added to popular games like Bingo Roulette, which gives players the chance to win instant prizes of up to £10,000 by paying anywhere between 10p and 40p for a ticket. The wide variety of playable games on the website often means that there is something for anybody and, especially due to the fact that new games are introduced so regularly, you are bound to find something that is suitable for you.\r\n\r\nThe winners section of the website offers hundreds of testimonials from members who have been successful through playing at tombola Bingo. This gives potential new members the chance to see the number of winners that the site has produced and also the size of prizes that are so readily available.\r\n\r\nMany of the player reviews also offer positive feedback about many separate areas of the tombola Bingo experience, such as the pleasantness created by the huge number of chat rooms that are available. The site is immensely popular and it caters for a large audience on a daily basis, with\r\nfeatures that are sure to keep all of its customers happy.\r\n\r\nImmediately after logging on to the website itself, visitors are informed of the prizes that they could be in line to win if they were to join, with the progressive Bingo 90 jackpot being displayed in the top right hand corner of the homepage. All of the other offers from tombola are also listed on the homepage, as are the majority of the most popular games that are played every day of the year.\r\n\r\nIf you have any further enquiries about tombola, the helpful customer service team are available on free phone, with the number also displayed on the homepage.

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