Top tips for mobile bingo at Gala

When it comes to fun Gala Bingo knows what it is all about. Its current mascot Buzzby is all over Facebook with his antics, from running the London Marathon to putting a fog horn under colleagues chairs in the Gala office. This sense of fun is carried over to the playing community and many like to contribute their own ideas.\r\n\r\nThe introduction of mobile bingo at Gala has ensured that dedicated players need never miss a game and player JK submitted her own top tips for being able to get on with the housework while still playing bingo.\r\n

\r\nJK has been playing at Gala Bingo for a long time and was keen to get up and running with the mobile version of the site as soon as it became available. Mobile bingo is not only a good thing for when you have to leave the house, it is useful even when in the house, but needing to get the housework done.\r\n\r\nHere are the tips that JK came up with for the benefit of her fellow players:\r\n


  •     Log in to on your phone
  • \r\n

  •     Choose your fave room and say ‘Hello’ to be polite
  • \r\n

  •     Buy your tickets and turn up the volume
  • \r\n

  •     Stick your phone securely in your BRA!
  • \r\n

  •     Proceed to do the housework whilst listening to the game.
  • \r\n

  •     Take a peek when you hear it flashing for 1tg
  • \r\n

  •     Remove phone from bra at the end of the game and buy more tickets!
  • \r\n

\r\nThere are so many bingo rooms and slot games now available on mobile phones that it is almost not necessary to log in any other way. The latest mobile bingo release for iPhone and iPad mean 13 bingo rooms and over 40 slots and instants are now available, not to mention the ability to chat in the rooms along the way.\r\n\r\nSign up with Gala Bingo and take advantage of our exclusive get £20 free offer for a deposit and spend of just £5 and enjoy the game anywhere, anytime.

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