Win a Staycation prize at Chit Chat Bingo

Chit Chat Bingo\r\nMany of us will have spent our time in a cavernous bingo hall, as the caller at the front bellows all sorts of cryptic, arcane sentences into the air. The real experts will have loads of cards in front of them, machine-gunning the numbers with their dobber at the ready! In these days of everything being online, bingo has not been lagging behind, and bingo and gaming companies have adapted to the web 2.0 age with ease. As well as offering brilliantly intuitive bingo gaming, the sites also tend to offer other games, like casino games, with which you can have some fun and while away some hours.\r\n\r\nChit Chat Bingo is one of these sites, and can give you a brilliant online bingo experience. With games at a brilliant 10p per card, and with a £1 welcome bonus put in your account when you join, Chit Chat bingo is a brilliant place to play online. They also offer a raft of interesting promotions, and ones in particular to help you have a prize-filled summer!\r\n\r\nIn fact, Chit Chat Bingo is running promotions at the moment specifically geared for the summer. The Staycation promotion, taking in the buzzword of the moment regarding people staying at home rather than vacationing (stay-cation), hopes to offer you the chance to win some brilliant summer prizes. Just purchasing one ticket for bingo enters you into the prize draw, with first prize being a BBQ with accessories, a swimming pool, paddling pool, a bouncy castle, a family croquet set, a giant dominoes set and, finally, a luxury hammock and fittings; it is fair to say, this is a full kit for summer! There are also supplementary prizes including tickets to Thorpe Park and a trampoline.\r\n\r\nIn short then, there are very few places where you can fully equip yourself for the summer after just one bingo card, so make your way over to Chit Chat Bingo and make your summer staycation even better! Click here to visit Chit Chat Bingo

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