Wink Bingo promotions in March

Wink Bingo\r\nApril Fool’s Day is looming but the only fools will be those that miss out on Wink’s fabulous opportunity to win some serious ‘mystery’ jackpots! The four Joy Mystery Fool games are on the evening of the 1st April, starting at 7pm, with a game taking place at each of the four Joy sites; Posh, Tasty, RedBus and Wink. The jackpot is only revealed once it’s won but it’s sure to be good! Cards only cost 1p and 2p, depending on the site and a maximum of 96 cards can be purchased.\r\n\r\nFor those who fancy a luxury holiday and who missed out in last summer’s Playa Del Wink, the £6K Fly Away game is offering two rare chances to win £2500 in travel vouchers plus £500 worth of spending money! The ‘Arrival’ game, taking place on Saturday 21st May, is only playable through the accumulation of Holiday Points. Wink Bingo members can earn points now by playing other games on the website, including wagering £2 on any 75 or 90 ball bingo games or wagering £30 on any instant game. So the more games members play on Wink, the more chance they have to win on Fly Away and all the other games along the way! It’s not just games either, placing a comment on the Wink Facebook wall saying why the holiday is deserved will also earn members points. \r\n\r\nThe ‘Departure’ game, on Sunday 22nd May, is the second chance to win the holiday vouchers and spending money. Tickets must be purchased for this game and are available to buy now at £2 per card. \r\n\r\nBingo fans wanting to win really big should take a look at the Joy ‘Royal Pot’ game scheduled for Friday April 29th, the day of the royal wedding! Thanks to the rollover from the game played in the last quarter, the jackpot winner is going to take home £50K! The game will be 75 balls and Wink members can get their hands on free cards from various promotions and games running on the Joy sites. Tickets can also be purchased for £5 from Wink, the host of the big Royal Pot!\r\n\r\nClick here to visit Wink Bingo

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