Wink Bingo Promotions – July 10th

Wink Bingo\r\n\r\nHere are the latest bingo special offers from Wink Bingo. All offers are live from 10th July 2009\r\n\r\n1) Summer Lovin’\r\nThe new Summer Lovin’ tab at Wink Bingo went live on Monday, and consists of 7 new rooms, a mixture of both 75 & 90 ball rooms. \r\n\r\na) The BIG O (Wink’s BIGGEST Jackpot!)\r\nA guaranteed £25,000 for only £1 to be won. Starts on Sunday 13th September @ 8pm (5 card buy in, max cards of 96). If there is more than 1 winner, prize will be split between them.\r\n\r\nb) MoneyPenny\r\nStarts Friday @ 8pm, players can win £1K for only 1p everyday for a week till 16th July, (max cards 96). If there is more than 1 winner, prize will be split between them.\r\n\r\nc) Speed Bingo\r\nPlays daily between Midnight – 2am in the 75 ball Sticky & Sweet room! Max number of slots to daub is 4, hence the name!\r\n\r\nd) Penny Bingo\r\nExclusively in our Pennies From Heaven room, there are guaranteed games between 8pm – 10pm on Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun. \r\n\r\ne) Fair & Square\r\nAll players have a fair chance of winning, as the min card purchase is exactly the same as the max card purchase. Game plays between 6pm – 8pm on Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun in our Fair & Square room!\r\n\r\nf) Free Bingo\r\nOur increased FREE bingo play takes place in our 75 Ball Birthday Suit room & 90 Ball Free & Easy room. Plays on Tues, Thurs & Sat between 6pm – 8pm. If there is more than 1 winner, prize will be split between them.\r\n \r\n2) Daily Delights\r\nEvery evening @ 8.45pm – Guaranteed £150 up for grabs! \r\n\r\n3) Risk Free Game\r\nThe game starts @ 9.45pm Friday night and players could win up to £500 cash! All unlucky winners will have whatever they spend on cards refunded on Tuesday.\r\n\r\n4) 1M Game\r\nFriday night is Wink’s 1M club game. Starts at 8.30pm in the 1M Club room with a guaranteed prize of £1,000 cash. \r\n\r\n5) Free Bingo\r\nPlayers get TWO chances to win a guaranteed £50 everyday for FREE, thats £100 a day (and £3,000 a month)! Games will be played at 2pm & 7.30pm each day for funded players.\r\n\r\n6) Monthly Madness\r\nOn the 1st of every month @ 10pm, players can Win £1K for 1p!\r\n\r\n7) BOGOF Promo\r\nPlayers have the chance to buy Wink Bingo vouchers for their friends and families, and doubling their voucher amount. Players need to fill out a form and purchase a denomination from £1 to £20 and Wink will deposit double the amount into their friends account, i.e. If they buy a voucher for £5, their friend will receive a gift of £10. The vouchers go up to a maximum of £20. \r\n\r\n8) Blankety Blank\r\nGame plays on Saturday at 7.45pm and 8:45pm. Players have the chance to win a share of 50K in bps! \r\n\r\n9)Meet & Greet Tuesdays\r\nPlayers can meet Rich every Tuesday @ 3pm and ask him anything they like! Plus, he will pick their brains with his Chat Game – Rich’s Teasers .. every Tues in Fab 5 from 3:00pm to win a share of 25,000bps.\r\n\r\n10) SPICE UP UR BEDROOM!\r\nThis week’s Between The Sheets prize will make it even more silky & sexy between the sheets! Players must simply bingo on the Bed or Letter B patterns or wager the most on Wink’s Love Lines Instant Game for a chance to win! There are three prizes up for grabs.\r\n\r\n\r\nClick here to visit Wink Bingo

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