X-factor Bingo parties at Sky Bingo

Sometimes its not the big wins that make all the difference, but the small ones which can completely change your day. For example, take Eagles96, who won £103.93, or xxxsezzaxxx, who scooped £158.28, or even Cookiemonter86, the winner of £189.76. All these recent Sky Bingo players had their bank balances boosted by their handsome wins and went off with a smile on their faces! So, if you fancy the chance to grin from ear to ear this month, then why not check out Sky Bingo’s latest offers and promotions.\r\n\r\nSky Bingos ‘Wingo’ promotion comes to an end this month, with the final playoffs scheduled to take place on Sunday 7th November. So, if you were lucky enough to reach your Wingo destination, then look out for the special Wingo bingo room that will be open from 7pm on the night. Players will not need a password to get into the promotional Wingo room, but only players that have qualified will be allowed to enter.\r\n\r\nThe games will take place at half past the hour, with other free games scheduled around the main event. The Jersey hour kicks off at 7pm with the holiday game taking place at 7.30pm. The Nice game room opens at 8pm with the holiday game starting at 8.30pm. Majorca is the destination from 9pm, holiday game at 9.30pm. Finally, the Tenerife hour begins at 10pm with the holiday game at 10.30pm.\r\n\r\nIf you love the X-Factor and you love Bingo, then Sky Bingo is hosting the ultimate in after parties this month. Kicking off at 9.30pm, straight after the show and going on until 10.30pm, Sky Bingo players can log on and go to the Sky Value Room. Players who are in the Sky Bingo value room at 9.30pm will have a secret X-Factor code revealed to them, which they can then use before 10.30pm to claim their free £5. The free £5 bonus can be used for playing on the X Factor: Steps to Stardom game. Plus, it is a great chance to catch up on all the X-Factor gossip, talk about the judges outfits and the contestants performances!\r\n\r\nClick here to play at Sky Bingo

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